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Cif Notice of Contract - Assistant Manager, Evergreen Project.

Notice of Contract
Assistant Manager for the Evergreen Project
Evergreen Project Goals:
To provide opportunities for mental health clients living in neighbourhoods in the easternmost areas of Vancouver for self expression, companionship, outings and special events in their own community without professional supervision during the evening hours.  To lessen the need for mental health clients to resort to drastic measures to resolve social, economic, isolation, and marginalization issues. To assist clients towards recovery in their own way, in their own time in a socially supportive atmosphere among their own peers. To provide local evening community mental health social service programs using a simple, direct, and efficient format. Our programming is conducted outside of mental health facilities, (with some exception given to women's programming), in order to develop self esteem, independence, self motivation and creativity in mental health clients. (Our program is the therapy, we do not conduct any therapeutic activities.)
  • Assist the Project Manager to:
- oversee meetings and outings.
- oversee women's group.
- prepare and conduct special events. (6 during the year)
  • Maturity, sound judgment, and ability to maintain confidentiality.
  • Good communication and organizational skills.
  • Must be a mental health Consumer.
Successful applicant must obtain Criminal Record Check. Cost will be reimbursed.
Submit resume and 2 letters of reference to:
Merle Ginsburg
Program Coordinator
Consumer Initiative Fund
200-520 West 6th Avenue
Vancouver, BC. V5Z 4H5
Tel: 604-730-7675   Fax: 604-874-7661
Application Deadline:  February 19, 2010

Developing a Mental Health Strategy: Next Steps

Subject: Developing a Mental Health Strategy: Next Steps | Prochaines étapes dans l'élaboration de la stratégie en santé mentale

Developing a Mental Health Strategy for Canada:
 The Next Steps

Prochaines étapes dans l'élaboration de la stratégie en santé mentale

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National Strategy Cover EN

Next Steps for a Mental Health Strategy for Canada:
 to make
 a difference

The Mental Health Commission of Canada is pleased to announce the start of the second phase of the mental health strategy development plan.  Beginning in March 2010, the Commission will host a series of roundtable meetings.  These roundtables will examine specific topics related to achieving the vision and goals set out in "Toward Recovery and Wellbeing:  A Framework for a Mental Health Strategy for Canada." Working together, we will define practical solutions and develop action plans to achieve our vision.    
In this phase, we want to continue building on the extensive knowledge and experience of diverse stakeholders in Canada including those living with mental health problems and illnesses, their families, service providers, researchers, policy-makers, and concerned individuals.  We need your input to create a strategy that works.
You can participate using new on-line tools to:

  • Indicate your interest in participating in a roundtable session

  • Respond to our Request for Proposals for the development of background papers

  • Access a copy of "Toward Recovery and Wellbeing:  A Framework for a Mental Health Strategy for Canada"

  • Contact us directly to share your ideas
We encourage you to share this message with your own networks.

Your interest and ongoing support are appreciated.

Howard Chodos
Director, National Strategy

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National Strategy Cover FR

 Occasion de poser des gestes qui comptent à titre de participant à des tables rondes ou d'entrepreneur

La Commission de la santé mentale du Canada est fière d'annoncer le début de la deuxième phase du plan d'élaboration de la stratégie en matière de santé mentale. À compter de mars 2010, la Commission tiendra une série de tables rondes. Ces tables rondes examineront des sujets précis relatifs à la réalisation de la vision et des objectifs énoncés dans le document Vers le rétablissement et le bien-être : Cadre pour une stratégie en matière de santé mentale au Canada. Ensemble, nous définirons des solutions pratiques et nous établirons des plans d'action pour réaliser notre vision.
Dans cette phase, nous voulons continuer de tirer profit des connaissances approfondies et de la vaste expérience des intervenants du Canada, notamment les personnes vivant avec des troubles mentaux ou une maladie mentale, leur famille, les fournisseurs de services, les chercheurs, les décideurs et les individus préoccupés par cet enjeu. Nous avons besoin de votre opinion pour créer une stratégie qui fonctionne.
Vous pouvez utiliser les nouveaux outils en ligne pour :

  • Exprimer votre intérêt à participer à la table ronde

  • Répondre à notre demande de propositions pour la rédaction des documents d'information

  • Télécharger un exemplaire du document Vers le rétablissement et le bien-être : Cadre pour une stratégie en matière de santé mentale au Canada
Communiquer avec nous directement pour nous faire part de vos idées

N'hésitez pas à faire circuler ce message dans votre réseau.
Nous vous remercions de votre intérêt et de votre soutien continus.
Howard Chodos
Directeur, Stratégie nationale

This message and any attached documents are only for the use of the intended recipient(s), are confidential and may contain privileged information.  Any unauthorized use or other disclosure is strictly prohibited.  If you have received this message in error, please notify the sender immediately, and then delete the original message.  Thank you.
 Les renseignements qui sont transmis a l'aide du present formulaire sont confidentiels et sont reserves a l'usage de la personne a laquelle ils sont adresses.  Si cette communication ne vous est pas destinee, nous vous avisons que sa diffusion et la divulgation de son contenu, par quelque moyens que ce soient, sont strictement prohibees.  Si vous avez recu cette communication par erreur, veuillez nous telephoner sans delai, a nos frais au besoin, et nous la retourner a l'adresse susmentionnee.
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email us at:

Mike KirbyAbout the Mental Health Commission of Canada
The goal of the Mental Health Commission of Canada is to help bring into being an integrated mental health system that places people living with mental illness at its centre.
To this end, the Commission encourages cooperation and collaboration among governments, mental health service providers, employers, the scientific and research communities, as well as Canadians living with mental illness, their families and caregivers.

Téléchargement de la Demande de propositions 
 Visitez notre site de Web
Nous désirons connaître votre opinion!
Écrivez-nous par courriel à

MHCCA propos de la commission du santeì mentale du Canada
Le principal objectif de la Commission de la santé mentale du Canada est de contribuer à la mise en œuvre d'un système de soins de santé mentale intégré axé sur les personnes souffrant de maladie mentale.

À cette fin, la Commission encourage la coopération et la collaboration entre les gouvernements, les fournisseurs de services de santé mentale, les employeurs, les milieux scientifiques et de recherche ainsi que les Canadiens atteints de maladie mentale, leurs familles et leurs fournisseurs de soins.


Importance of Opening Lines in Prose and Poetry Contests!

We are on schedule to announce the winning and commended entries for the 2009 Tom Howard Poetry Contest on February 15. The cash winners will be announced in this Newsletter and a full list of winners will be posted on and
The Annual $5,550 Margaret Reid Poetry Prize for Traditional Verse is open! The annual $5,550 Tom Howard Short Story, Essay and Prose Contest is also now open for entries, but will close on March 31, so now is the time to lodge your story or essay before the judges are swamped by the last-month rush! And also open of course is the current $5,550 Tom Howard Poetry Contest for Verse in All Styles and Genres.
As you know, these Newsletters are issued only twice a month (usually on the first and fifteenth days). Sometimes it's necessary to get information across more quickly, so I've started a blog, One of its purposes is to provide news of my own poetic endeavors (currently "A Salute to Spanish Verse"), but it will also be used to provide Contest help and information.
For example, in my last Newsletter, I mentioned the importance of an eye-catching title to rivet the judges' attention to your entry right from the start, and I listed some of the titles from the Tom Howard collection, Escape to Paradise and Other Poetic Fancies.
But almost equally important are your first lines and your first stanza. On the current blog,, I've provided some good examples from the above book.
The website for the Tom Howard Poetry Contest is
The latest Margaret Reid anthology is Love & City Dreaming: Poems by Margaret Havill Reid. Margaret's range and versatility in this book provide an excellent guide to the verse we are seeking for the Margaret Reid Prize.
You'll also find plenty of rousing titles and attention-getting opening lines in our previous anthologies of winning entries such as SAILING IN THE MIST OF TIME: Award-Winning Poems in which 108 award-winning and commended poems are gathered together in a large-format, 196-page book!
For more information, I recommend my Write Ways to WIN WRITING CONTESTS: How To Join the Winners' Circle for Prose and Poetry Awards, If you've been wasting your time and money sending great stories or magnificent poems to Contests that immediately place them in the reject basket, here's a book to set you on the right path.
This year, the prize pool for our prose and poetry contests has been increased to $5,550 (including a First Prize of $3,000). Entry fees have not been raised. The entry fee for the prose contest remains at $15 for each short story or essay up to 5,000 words in length. There are ten cash prizes in all, but the judges do reserve the right to award extra cash prizes if they so desire. For the last prose contest, the judges awarded no less than $500 in additional prizes, bringing the total prize pool up to $5,850 instead of the advertised $5,350!
To enter your poems in our current poetry contests, you will find full information at OR You will note that although the prize-money has been increased, entry fees do remain at $7 for every 25 lines.
Unlike almost all other poetry contests, we impose no limits on the number of lines or number of poems you may submit.
You can also visit the home page of and click on the contests at the top left of the screen.
As stated above, the Tom Howard Short Story, Essay & Prose Contest is open. Entries will close on March 31, 2010. Again, let me make it clear at once that we are seeking entries in ALL categories, including "literary" fiction, but most particularly we would like to award prizes to popular, everyday, mainstream stories, essays and prose, as even a casual glance at our anthologies of winning and commended entries such as Keep Watching the Skies! An Anthology of Prize-Winning Short Stories will soon make plain. You'll find full details at
One of the key recommendations in my Write Ways to WIN WRITING CONTESTS is that you take a look at some of the entries that have won prizes in previous contests. This will give you some idea of the types and varieties of stories and prose pieces that have won prizes in the past. The books I recommend here are the two "Watching" books: "Watching the Skies" above, and WATCHING TIME: Anthology of Prizewinning Essays & Short Stories.
And finally I notice Amazon are still selling the new, expanded edition of "Write Ways..." for only $11.25 (which is considerably less than the original edition, even though the new edition has more pages and lots more valuable information): Write Ways to WIN WRITING CONTESTS: How To Join the Winners' Circle for Prose and Poetry Awards, NEW EXPANDED EDITION
Keep writing on!
All my very best wishes!

Courage Awards Nomination Deadline February 12th!

From: Courage To Come Back Awards
Subject: Courage Awards Nomination Deadline February 12th!

Nominations Deadline: February 12, 1010

Nominate someone who inspires you for a

Courage To Come Back Award

Friday, February 12th is the deadline for nominating a friend, neighbour, family member or colleague who inspires you for a Courage To Come Back Award. Each year six outstanding British Columbians are recognized for their courage and perseverance in the face of illness, injury or adversity. Categories are: Addiction, Medical, Mental Health, Physical Rehabilitation, Social Adversity and Youth. Visit<> to learn more and to download a nomination form.

Click here to download a PDF nomination form:
Courage To Come Back Awards Form<>

Award Recipients
The six Courage Award recipients will have their stories told on Global BC's Early News, in The Province newspaper, and on News 1130 radio. Then on Thursday, May 6th, they will be honoured in front of their friends, family and 1,000 special guests at a gala banquet at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver hotel.
The Courage To Come Back Awards are sponsored by:

Courage To Come Back Awards - Contact Info
Phone: 604-675-2327 or 604-675-2328
Toll Free Phone: 1-877-602-6278
Toll Free Fax: 1-877-602-5255